Sapphire Smyth & the shadow five. (Part one)

I got a free copy of this as part of a great blog tour run by The WriteReads. 

Sapphire Smyth is part one of what I believe is a 6 part serial. This is actually my first time reading a serial so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It also means this is going to be a super short review, because the book is super short. I think about 100 pages. There are definite pros and cons the format and I’m still not sure if I am in favor of serials or not having read it. What I got was an interesting, original fast-paced read, lots of questions and a cliffhanger. 

I LOVED the idea of this book. Sapphire can see shadows move and come to life! 

I suppose you would call this a young Adult Urban fantasy, even though the main character (sapphire is a bit older than you would expect for a YA – she is 18). How to describe the story? Hmm well let me just say FASt. Things happen fast. In the space of pretty much one day Sapphire celebrates her birth, gets a mysterious family heirloom, gets kicked out of home, discovers secret powers, makes a bunch of ill-advised decisions and leaves us with even more questions than we started with. 

That might sound like a a lot and it is but you know what I liked it. It is super-fast pace, perhaps a bit too fast, which leads to some pretty thin world-building. But really I felt through it. The author’s biggest success here I think is just building up my curiosity. I kinda want to find out more. Want to see what happens next.  Looking forward to reading ‘Mermaids’ and would recommend this book to any YA Fantasy lovers looking for a nice quick read.  as part of a great blog tour run by The WriteReads. 

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